It's almost too easy to install

Step 1

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to check that the CLUG you got is the right size for your tire. We have all of the information on the sizing page.

As a handy guide, we also put the maximum and minimum sizes for each CLUG right on the side of the box. Just hold it up to your tire and check to see that it is within the range.

Step 2

Time to figure out where your CLUG is going. Once you’ve found your section of the wall, you can use the alignment guide on the box to get your hole spacing marked precisely.

Holding your bike in the position you want it (you can get a friend to help here), you’ll want to align the position of your CLUG with the centre of your wheel, where the tire touches the wall.

Step 3


You’ll need to drill some holes if you are putting CLUG on anything other than wood surface (or a stud in the wall) (no, not that kind of stud).

To drill, just stick your template lightly to the wall and drill right through the guide.

The box will help catch the dust too!

Step 4


If you drilled holes, insert the anchors from your box into the holes to give you something to screw into.

Note: This doesn’t apply to MTB CLUGs as we don’t recommend installing your MTB into hollow drywall. You should always be installing your MTB directly into a solid support such as a stud, beam or masonry.

Step 5

Separate the Clipper from the Gripper and screw the Clipper into the wall.

You’ll be able to make small adjustments before you tighten the screws fully, to make sure that your CLUG is level.

Step 6

Snap the Gripper in to cover the screw heads, and you’re ready to CLUG!

If you need to take it off again, don’t worry, you can take the Gripper out to get to the screws. It takes a little force, but don’t be afraid to stretch it a little. CLUG can take it!